What is Fiber Optic Cable Splicing?

Fiber optic cabling has become a major project category for the audio & visual (AV) installation industry due to its ability to improve your IT efficiency, reduce interference and gain ultra-high-speed internet connections in both homes & businesses. Generally, fiber optic cables are only produced in lengths of 5km; when lengthier connections are needed, splicing two cables together is necessary. Fiber optic cable splicing is also needed to restore and fuse cables back together in case they break. Splicing is a fast and efficient method to fuse or restore fiber optic cables. H-Tech Solutions provides fiber optic splicing services in residential, commercial and industrial settings throughout Bucks County, PA, Northampton County, PA, the Lehigh Valley, PA and New Jersey; call 267-228-0054 to schedule a consultation today.

H-Tech Solutions Fiber Optic Cable Splicing Services Lehigh Valley PA

Two Important Methods for Fiber Optic Cabling Splicing

Fiber optic splicing is widely used in telecommunications, LAN (Local Area Network) and network cabling projects. There are two ways to undertake fiber optic splicing: fusion splices and mechanical splices.

Fusion Splicing Method: Fusion splicing is the most widely used method because it is permanent, provides the lowest loss and the strongest, most reliable connection between two fibers. Fusion splicing machines are used to strip, cleave, fuse and protect the fiber.

Mechanical Splicing Method: Mechanical splicing is a better choice if you want to make splices quickly and easily. A mechanical splice is a junction of two or more optical fibers. These fibers are aligned and held in place by a self-contained assembly; we’ll typically use connectors to link fibers. This method provides fast, but temporary restoration.

Which Method of Fiber Optic Splicing is Better?

Fusion splicing and mechanical splicing have their benefits and disadvantages; choosing the best option depends on the budget and application. Mechanical splicing has a low initial investment cost per splice. Whereas the cost per slice for fusion is much higher because of the performance requirements and features of the machine used. As outlined above, fusion splicing is permanent and offers a strong reliable connection, while mechanical is a temporary fix. If the scope of your project requires a resilient, enduring connection, fiber fusion is the best investment.

In conclusion, mechanical splicing works for quick restoration and temporary connections. Fusion splicing, while more expensive, provides the lowest insertion loss, back reflection and strongest joint between fibers.

Fiber Optical Splicing Machine for Rent

H-Tech Solutions now offers rentals for our fiber optic cable splicer machines for 1 week, 2 week or 1-month options. Please Note: Rentals are only available when our machines are not in use; dates are not guaranteed. We have several splicing machines available to rent depending on your needs and the job specifications. Rentals are available throughout the Lehigh Valley, PA, Northampton County, PA, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Visit our Cable Fusion Splicer Rentals page to see machine availability and to fill out the request form.

H-Tech Solutions provides voice, data, telecommunications and IT solutions for small and large commercial properties, businesses and industrial. We are fully licensed and insured to work in New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania including Bucks County, Northampton County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia & more. To ensure we meet our clients’ high expectations, we use the highest quality products from the most trusted brands in the industry. If your business needs network upgrades or new wiring installation, call H-Tech Solutions today at 267-228-0054.

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