Residential Network Installation Contractors Philadelphia & Bucks County, PA

H-Tech Solutions specializes in a variety of business & office network cabling solutions including cable mining, troubleshooting, fiber optic cable installation, commercial Wi-Fi setup and much more. Our cabling contractors are also trained and experienced for residential network installation services throughout Bucks County, Philadelphia, Montgomery County, PA and New Jersey. Cabling installation in homes is much different than office buildings as aesthetics must be a top priority.

The first thing our residential network installation contractors will do is analyze your home looking for studs and the best pathways without compromising on appearance. We offer a full slate of professional network cabling wiring services for homes, including router clean up, wireless access, security camera installation and more. For more information or to schedule an in-home consultation, call 267-228-0054 today.

H Tech Solutions Residential Network Installation Services Philadelphia PA

Residential Network Installation Services

Internet/Router Clean Up: H-Tech Solutions can improve your internet connection, Wi-Fi performance and clean up your network. First, we’ll remove old phones and devices still connected that can be slowing down the network. Second, our technicians will make sure the router is placed in the best location and is able to support the number of devices in your network without lag or interruption.

Wireless Access Installation: If you continuously find the free router provided by your internet company is not giving you the stable connection you need, consider adding a wireless access point. This is the most reliable way to get your full internet speed via Wi-Fi anywhere in your home. 

Security Cameras: Protect your home and family with the installation of security cameras discreetly placed throughout the property. H-Tech Solutions can install indoor & outdoor 4K security cameras with night vision from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Direct Wire Runs: When it’s time to replace old wiring with new cables during an upgrade to a stronger network, H-Tech Solutions specializes in several techniques to run cables through finished walls! Even for whole-home wiring there is no need to remove drywall or destroy the interior of your home.

Home Network Installer: Ethernet, Fiber Optic & Cable

Residential network installation is completely customized depending on the cabling service needed and the size of the project. To discuss how we can help upgrade your internet and Wi-Fi speed or install security cameras, call our Bucks County, PA office today at 267-228-0054 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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